Moving, Downsizing and Estate Dispersal
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What We Can Do For You...

Customized Inventory of Personal Property

As simple or elaborate as suits your individual needs. Not everything in a home requires a detailed inventory. Collections and items of particular value should be recorded with conditions documented to support estate valuation or claims in case of loss or damage. Inventory options range from a simple printed list to the addition of Digital images or web and DVD based documents for easy distribution to distant family and friends. We can recommend reliable, experienced Appraisers where appropriate.

Sorting and Categorizing

Some items will be moved to your new residence. Others may be distributed to family and friends, some may be sold or donated. You share your wishes and we provide as much assistance as required to execute your instructions, providing lists to document the disposition of all items. You will always know where every item went, whether to family, donation, storage or sale.

Re-purposing Living Space

Turn what was a den or office into living space for a caregiver, or relocate an upstairs bedroom to a more easily accessible first floor location. All it takes is imagination and muscle and we have both.

Sale of Surplus Items

Items determined to be surplus and not desired by family or friends may be saleable, either at auction, an estate sale or other venue as appropriate to the circumstance. Our network of auction and sales professionals provides reliable access to the most advantageous market for your items.

Distribution of Gifted and Donated Items

We manage all aspects of the distribution. Whether items will be picked up at the residence or shipped, we take all necessary steps to protect the dwelling and items in transit.

Packing and Shipping

Our expert packers will pack your items to assure their safe arrival, across town or continents.

Coordinating Movers and other Trades

We are available to be your intermediary, to schedule and supervise various tradespersons as needed.

Cleaning and Trash Removal

We will deal with the residue after the desirable contents of the home have been distributed.

Painting and Minor Repairs

A freshly painted, clean and nearly empty interior is widely held to be the ideal condition to present a home for sale. We can provide those services in a prompt, professional and economical manner.